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The idea of building and maintaining a site about health and fitness started in 2005 with fitnessinform.com which died by the year 2008 through trials and errors the TFI team was able to gain insights on what went wrong on the first run. Fueled by caffeine, and the desire to stay fit and be healthy as Average Joes and Janes, we are neither specialists in our field nor do we have specialized degrees to be an authority, but we pride ourselves in giving useful and effective information and tips. That is achievable by regular people the Average Joes and Janes but are effective and realistic easy to do and fun.

The articles on this site are researched and tested by the team to ensure that we are writing interesting quality articles for your reading pleasure and to assist you in your fitness journey.

Thank you for visiting the site and we hope that you have as much fun reading the articles, and commenting as much as we enjoyed researching and writing the articles.

thefitnessinfo team

The site would not be successful without a great team to back it up and support it.



  • Solum Telis Venditor

Credentials: • Certified Fitness Professional, AFPP ,2004 .• Chairman of the Board of Judges, PFBB, 2007 to present


  • Dianrous

A stay at home mom. God-centered, Family-Oriented.


A new rising star vlogger – Zumba enthusiast, A stay at home mom, a Macgyver in the kitchen, an aspiring chef,  vlogs about food, biking, kiddie activities, mom stuff, and Zumba.

Check out her Youtube channel : Homebuddy Mum Vlog

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