Benefits of Zumba

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The team has been trying zumba for a while and these are the benefits of Zumba. But one thing that stands out is the experiences of Homebuddy Mum. Here are a couple of her videos.

As a weight loss exercise.

Yes, definitely because you are moving your body to a fast beat. Your body is using up energy, generating heat, sweating, burning fat. At the beginning, you may feel tired after 1 song. But as you do more Zumba sessions may it be 2 times a week or 3 times a week. You’ll feel more alive and energetic. My wife Homebuddy Mum, loves Zumba, she posted a couple of videos about it. She does it 3 times a week, now she has more energy, and she’s back to her slim, sexy self. Did you know that Moms would definitely benefit from this exercise, it helped my wife stay fit even after having our youngest daughter. She lost weight and enjoyed every moment of her time during her Zumba sessions.

As a muscle toning workout.

Even though, it’s a full body workout, it doesn’t really target any specific body part unless you would ask your Zin to target specific body parts such as your arms, legs, or butt per song then it can. Let’s just say it increases your endurance, it’s good for the heart, it’s a feel good exercise.

Is Zumba for everyone?

Our suggestion : Try it! For those who love dancing and want to keep fit, zumba will definitely be a memorable and fun exercise that you would gladly spend time and enjoy doing. Zumba is a very social form of exercise and it’s safe for any fitness level! We tried it and we enjoyed it. More importantly it’s a very social exercise and helps reduce stress.

Featured Image by Andrzej Rembowski from Pixabay